Yes, tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo and in many places the day is used to eat tacos, drink tequila and hang around with friends, but the day has a much deeper significance.  

Cinco De Mayo marks the victory of the Mexican army during the Battle of Puebla against France in 1862, the History Channel Said.  

Though this is actually a minor holiday in Mexico but has become a much larger celebration of Mexican culture/heritage in the U.S. In 2005, the U.S. Congress issued a Concurrent Resolution inviting the President to issue a proclamation inviting U.S. citizens to honor the day, National Day Calendar said.  

Now, communities that have a mix of people celebrate Cinco De Mayo together all over the country. And for those who like to celebrate with tequila it’s a good thing it falls on a Friday.  

Some places celebrate by hosting parades, displaying banners, folk dancing, parties, mariachi music, and of course, eating traditional Mexican foods.  

Unfortunately, Southern Utah has limited to no official events each year, and most commonly, Cinco De Mayo is usually celebrated via a themed drinks night. This year, Hive 435 Taphouse is hosting a Cinco De Mayo Party with drink specials and music. No Mexican food though.  

So How Can You Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Southern Utah? 

Check Out Local Mexican Restaurants: 

There are a ton of great local Mexican food stops in St. George and yes, I know, it’s Ironman weekend and already busy starting tomorrow but make the trip! Not only would you be helping the local economy but would be supporting and exploring Mexican culture via food.  

Read Up on Cinco De Mayo: 

Cinco De Mayo is often confused with Mexican Independence Day which was declared 50 years prior to the Battle of Puebla. It’s also held in the fall not summer. Knowing the history of the celebration will give it more meaning and learn why it's important to remember each year.  

Talk To Your Friends & Family: 

If you have family members or friends who have Mexican heritage it might be fun to see what traditions they hold for Cinco De Mayo. Ask them what the holiday means to them or about any family stories about culture.  

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