Washington City is leading the way in water conservation in Southern Utah and across the state.  

With the drought and low water levels in the past few years, water conservation has been an ongoing topic, especially in the summertime. St. George and other Southern Utah cities have made it a priority to have campaigns out each year to remind residents to lower their water waste and usage.  

Now, Washington City has implemented a new device known as an AMI or an Advanced Metering Infrastructure System that monitors water waste, the Salt Lake Tribune said. Washington City was the first local city to implement these devices last year.  

Though stats are not out on the efficiency of these AMI’s the city is predicting a six to 12 percent decrease in water usage. These systems will also help detect any water leakage and prevent water waste.  

The AMI works by sending data to a radio or cell tower and Washington City has seven. The data can be accessed by residents through an app.  

Washington City has spent about $1 million on updating its monitoring systems but the saving on water could even that out. The meters send out new information each day which would allow homeowners to monitor their water usage and then adjust as necessary.  

While Washington City is leading the charge in Southern Utah as the city of water conservation, there is still a way to go. With the population growing in the state, water is becoming less available, and the Washington County Water Conservancy District is working to see where more water can be found.  

This is your friendly reminder to manage your water waste this summer no matter where you are.  

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