For WEEKS now I have found moth wings on the back porch, no bodies, not in spider webs, JUST WINGS. 

Apparently, others in the area are having a similar problem and on the Next Door App, the discussion has been going back and forth on what this could possibly be caused by. Initially, I thought somehow my corgi (who loves to chase all insects) was to blame, and then I suspected the spiders. However, it actually seems to be the bats.  

I adore bats and they are my second favorite pollinator (bees are the first) but boy, did this freak me out.  

Some of the wings were larger and belonged to possibly a Hawk Moth and others were most likely Sphinx Moths.  

Here are some pictures for reference: 

Hawk Moth

Sphinx Moth

Bats are also “pest control” so if you see them flying around in the evenings they are on the hunt for a delicious moth (RIP moth, you'll be missed).

Another question the locals have is why there are so many moth wings by tomato plants. If you’re a gardener, you might be familiar with Hornworms which LOVE tomato plants. These little suckers will be munching on these guys for days! 

If you eventually let them stay in your tomato garden, they turn into Sphinx Moths, the Birds & Blooms blog said. And then they eventually get eaten by bats leaving their colorful wings everywhere.  

Such is the circle of life...

If you have any cool (alive) moth photos I would love to see them since southern Utah has such a wide variety of moths. Message me here! 

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