It’s time to take that special someone on a date. But even more importantly, it’s time to show that special crush that you are a fancy, fancy person. 

waywaw — Suspenders, cane, monocle, top hat, fancy! - Drunk...
Time to class it up like drunk uncle. (waywaw)

Are you actually a fancy person? Doesn’t matter. This is dating.  Everyone knows that you’ll have plenty of time to be honest and stuff once you’ve reeled them in. Now is the time to keep your head in the game and be impressive.

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Of course I’m not the most qualified person to speak on the subject. For my first date with my now wife, we went to Wendy’s. All I could afford at the time was a baked potato and some chili. Truth be told, about an hour and a half after dinner, I realized the chili was not the best idea. 

I'Ve Made A Huge Mistake GIF - Ive Made A Huge Mistake Mistake Oops - Discover & Share GIFs
Me, 1.5 hours after eating chili on a first date. (giphy)

But I digress.

Whether you’re taking your crush out on a date, or you have a very important business meeting, or you just want a special night out, these are the top restaurants in St. George Utah that we suggest.

Just to keep it fair, we put them in alphabetical order.  Everyone likes their own stuff, so don't think you have to get pasta when your date prefers kale.  But to be honest, if your date likes kale you should probably break things off now because that's just gross.

At any rate, have fun and let 'em know B92.1 Sent ya!Top 30 Breath Spray GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

Oh, and don’t forget to pop a breath mint after your meal. You’re welcome.

The Fanciest Places To Take A Date In St. George Utah

When you want to impress your date, we suggest going to one of these swanky places. (In Alphabetical Order)
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