As school begins, holiday stress sets in, and just good old seasonal depression in the Fall, you might need to escape to just have a good cry.  

Sometimes the kids are too much and raging in public is NOT acceptable. The new semester for college students always brings some interesting coping methods but crying it out helps and doesn’t hurt. It's science, really.  

According to WebMD, crying has both physical and mental benefits. In fact, NOT crying can do more harm than good.  

"Crying activates the body in a healthy way," says Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at UCLA and director of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics. "Letting down one's guard and one's defenses and [crying] is a very positive, healthy thing. The same thing happens when you watch a movie, and it touches you and you cry... That process of opening into yourself... It's like a lock and key."—WebMD 

Harvard also backs up this claim and the “cleansing” benefit of tears is a belief dating back to the Classical era (think fancy wigs and 1800s). 

The benefits of crying: 

  • Detoxes the body. 
  • Self-soothing (even adults need/do this). 
  • Can be a pain killer. 
  • Improves mood. 
  • Restores emotional balance.  

Now that the benefits have been laid out let's talk about some local spots that can be good for crying your heart out. 

Zion National Park—This is the PERFECT location if you want to be like a main character going through a low who is (for whatever reason) sobbing in the woods. The overly friendly squirrels could add to the fact that it's almost like a Disneyesque moment.  

Old Highway 91—Travelling the back way toward Mesquite can actually provide some great areas to sob dramatically. The “devil/haunted/bad vibe” cave is NOT the place. Also, it's gross but there are other pull-offs inside the mountain-like area that offer some pretty cool views. 

Dixie Rock—I know this is supposed to be a date or family area, but if you can grab it when no one else is there, it’s a GREAT cry spot. You might even see your ex’s house from there and be able to send your bad vibes their way. 

Airport Hill—Also known as a famous hookup spot, this area is not usually super busy and when you get done crying you can head over to Cliffside Restaurant. You’ll be able to refuel after that very much-needed cryfest. 

Of course, if you’re a normal individual, you probably just cry in your shower at home but...if you can’t truly let it all out at your house these are a few options you should consider.  



10th Annual Mental Health Awareness Fair and Flash Mob

A resource fair took place on the 1st floor of the Buffalo Central Library that featured tabling from youth and adult resources, local providers, and wellness opportunities., along with Music & Dancing, Participatory Games & Raffles, Activities, and Workshops to celebrate the strengths in the community and raising awareness about mental health and community needs.

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