St. George is a lovely place for many things but one of the best may be the spots for self-dates.  

Sure, there are plenty of romantic spots that you can go to with your significant other but if you are like me and tired of dates and hassle, then this is for you. I regularly go on dates alone because it's fun and shows me what I want to do on an actual date (should I ever choose to go on another one again).  

The dating app Bumble gives five reasons why taking yourself on dates is not only good for you but fun.  

  • It helps you reset from tedious date fatigue and allows you to sit alone with your thoughts.  
  • Allows you to have new experiences.  
  • Boosts confidence because it's a new experience as well as fostering independence. 
  • You get to discover what you don’t like. 
  • Maybe you’ll get to meet new people along the way.  

So, back to St. George. I have a few places that I would recommend for those going out by themselves for the first time. Barnes and Nobles is a very nice place to start because you can just look around for hours undisturbed.  

It’s also common for other people to be there by themself so you won’t feel odd at all. I recommend bringing headphones and grabbing a drink from Starbucks and plopping down for a while.  

Next, treat yourself to some food and if you purchased a book, bring it with you. Kabuto Sushi and Longhorn Steakhouse are great for self-dates. Both restaurants are friendly for those who like to go places by themself.  

Of course, these are just places that I have had the best experiences at but there could be many others in town I am not aware of. If you have any suggestions, I would love to know!  

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