Utah has some great places to take in the view of wildflowers which season is in July for most of the state.  

Now, though these places are gorgeous, and you may feel the urge to pick some wildflowers, don’t. Follow the leave no trace principles and follow paths so that others can enjoy the views just as you have.  

Utah Instagram Creator @explore.hike.teach has a whole list of places in Utah that you can visit during wildflower season. Even some festivals that celebrate natural beauty.  

High Alpine Blooms 

Up north by Cottonwood Canyon the Wasatch Wildflower Festival is held throughout July. Take pictures, smell the flowers and enjoy Utah’s wildflowers.  

Cedar Breaks 

Cedar Breaks toward the southern part of the state also holds a wildflower festival. This will be held from July 6-July 14.  

Albion Meadows 

Located near Little Cottonwood Canyon, this hike gives easy to moderate challenges and beautiful views. The mountains look like something from out of a movie scene and it's sure to be a good time.  

Paper Airplane Trail 

Another wildflower trail to check out with easy difficulty is the Paper Airplane Trail at Powder Mountain. Those looking for green are sure to be happy with this one and its beautiful backdrops.  

Davenport Hill  

Also near Cottonwood Canyon is Davenport Hill. This is a harder hike than the others but so worth the hype. The mountain views are to die for and with wildflower season in full swing it will be fantastic for pictures.  

Make sure to respect the places you visit and if you have been on any of these hikes or are planning on going, make sure to send me some pictures! 

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