Living in Utah means being surrounded by gorgeous nature and outdoor enthusiasts and even “discovering” new spots.  

Places like Zion National Park, Lake Blanche, Arches National Park and others are well known not just in the state but also in the world. People travel far to get a look at these sites that Utahns basically have in our backyards. I know, we are privileged. 

One thing that can get super annoying is fighting all the tourists just to get some outdoor time with our favorite areas.  

No one wants to fight crowds or go to a place where “leave no trace” isn’t exactly followed. So here is a place that is considered a “newer” trail that may just become your new favorite hiking spot. 

 Fair warning, it isn’t an easy trail, but the views are fantastic.  

Sardine Peak in Ogden is an 8.6-mile hike at over 1,500 feet. The trail type is a loop and to add to its charm it even has some arches you can spot while hiking. Though they look nothing like the ones you’ll see in Southern Utah.  

It is popular for mountain bikers so that is something you should be aware of. You probably won’t be alone but between the difficulty and its relatively new status, you may have a better time than trying a ZNP trail right now.  

Sardine Peak is also a dog-friendly trail with some off-leash areas so feel free to bring along your hiking buddy. Just make sure to clean up and leave no trace so others can enjoy this beautiful spot too.  

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