St. George is BOOMING with new food places and one of its newer additions is the Paletas Gourmet Creamsicles.  

If you aren’t familiar with paletas then it might just be your favorite new summer treat! They originate in Mexico and are a “fresher” version of the traditional popsicle you might grab at the store. They use fresh fruits like halved strawberries or mangoes. If fruits are not your style, there are cream-based paletas that are chocolate and vanilla type flavors.  

The gourmet part is being able to get dipped paletas with different toppings like sweet coconut or nuts. The three options the local paleta shop offers are white chocolate, dark chocolate, and some dips that are rotated out like the smores option.  

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I ended up trying the strawberry cheesecake paleta with the dark chocolate dip and sweet coconut flakes. I am an absolute fiend for all things strawberry and with the ever-rising heat, it was a perfect midday snack.  

One this to know is that it can get a bit pricey, especially if you’re paying for a whole group of people.  

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The plain paletas start at $6 and with a dip, it’s another $1.19, and if you want to add toppings that’s ANOTHER $1.19. So, one gourmet paleta can run just one person over $8 if they want the full experience.  

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However, it was a super unique dessert to try, and I highly recommend everyone try it at least once. It’s a super cute place for a date spot and getting into July you’ll be wanting a snack that helps cool you down.  

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Paletas Gourmet Creamsicles is located on Main St. Right across from the street mural art! 

To learn more visit 


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