CLUE: This state has been featured dozens of times over the years as the subject of a question on JEOPARDY.

If you just said "what is Utah?" Then you would be correct!

Thanks to this handy (and rather addictive) website, you can search up any question ever asked on Jeopardy since 1984 when Alex Trebek started hosting the show.

Since all of my knowledge consists of Pee Wee's PlayhouseWhoopie Cushions and Utah, I decided to look up Utah because the other two probably weren't going to be mentioned as much as I'd hope.

Here you will see 20 times where our beloved beehive state was the subject of a clue on JEOPARDY.

Feel free to quiz your friends and neighbors and see who can get more right!

Don't forget to answer each clue in the form of a question or else it doesn't count, and you will be haunted by the ghost of Alex Trebek may heaven rest his soul.


If you were on Jeopardy, would you have gotten these Utah clues correct? Don't forget to to answer in a form of a question...
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